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John H. Spencer

Dr. John Spencer specializes in the philosophical foundations of quantum physics. He is the multiple award-winning author of The Eternal Law: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Modern Physics, and Ultimate Reality.

By pioneering a trail through the convoluted maze of academic philosophy and misrepresentations of science, The Eternal Law is able to dig deep into the metaphysical roots of many of our shared concerns as a species. It not only offers a pathway to clarifying the confusion found in quantum physics, but also illuminates how unity, beauty, and truth are foundational to all of science.

In addition to providing much needed clarification in physics and spirituality, John is working to revitalize and innovate the essence of the ancient mystery schools, opening new possibilities for unique expression in modern life. While it is essential to make virtually endless distinctions (seeing the individuality of everything), it is also essential to recognize the underlying divine unity of all things.