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Jill Michelle

Jill Michelle's Angelic Awakenings helps people generate more love, peace and joy in their lives. Guardian angels and teaching angels always surround people and are eager to help in all aspects of life.

According to Michelle, angels are pure beings of divine light who want to help people with every aspect of life such as health, relationships, finance, career, etc. Angels are non-denominational and nonjudgmental providing divine guidance with loving, positive, uplifting messages that leave people with a sense of calm and joy. They give unconditional love.

Angels are everywhere—they are always there. They are here specifically to guide people in daily life and help them follow their chosen paths. They help people to complete the activities and goals they have chosen for this lifetime. Because there is so much “static” present on Earth it is difficult to hear and understand how and where angels are guiding people. An Angel Reading may clear away the static and blockages so that people can find harmony in life. Jill speaks to people's angels and archangels and gathers information that will help them with all aspects of life.