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International Alchemy Guild

The International Alchemy Guild is a group of alchemists, asserting lineage back to the sixteenth century, who come together to exchange views, news, and research in practical and spiritual alchemy.

The Alchemy Guild oversees the release of alchemical research and maintains an extensive, fully searchable archives of ancient alchemical texts, original drawings and engravings, rare and unpublished books, alchemical experiments and secret formulae, and private research papers from modern alchemists. The guild archives are the largest collection of its kind in the world at over 50 gigabytes of information.

The guild presents lectures and workshops, as well as an annual conference. The guild also co-published the Alchemy Journal (now out of publication) and issues a bimonthly Guild Bulletin. Guild certified instructors teach the guild’s alchemy modules to the general public through the Alchemy Study Program.