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IMBAS Archive

IMBAS (pronounced 'im-bus') is an Old Irish word meaning 'poetic inspiration'. IMBAS was an organization that promotes the spiritual path of Senistrognata, the ancestral customs of the Celtic peoples.

The Celts are recognized as the tribal Celts of Iron Age Europe and the modern peoples of Alba (Scotland), Breizh (Brittany), Cymru (Wales), Éire (Ireland), Kernow (Cornwall), and Mannin (Isle of Man). Senistrognata is based around the home, the family, and the community/tribe in honoring the land, the ancestors, and the traditional Celtic gods and goddesses. It is not a practiced spirituality, but a living one.

IMBAS was originally incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the state of Washington, but has not been active for several years now. This site is being maintained mainly for historical interest.