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Imagier Publishing

Imagier Publishing is a publisher based in the UK dedicated to making available contemporary and past work about the streams of spirituality that have inspired Western culture and civilization.

Their mission is to make available past and new work that expresses the depth and richness of indigenous esoteric Christian spirituality.

Some of their titles include: Ecclesiastica Celtica by Sabine Baring-Gould, Dorothee Soelle by Andrew Francis, Under the Mercy by Pete Hollingsworth, The Rose Priory Dialogues by Allan Armstrong, The Pilgrimage by Allan Armstrong, Gnosticism & Gnosis - An Introduction by R. A. Gilbert, Aspects of the Spritual Life by Allan Armstrong, Avebury: Rime & Time by Andrew Francis, Five English Alchemists by Dr. Robert Black, Lost Letters of Edward Maitland by Brian McAllister, and many others.