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Humanistic Paganism

Humanistic paganism, also called naturalistic paganism, is a unique pagan orientation for those who are uncomfortable with or skeptical of the supernatural or metaphysical elements of contemporary paganism.

Many people come to paganism after leaving Christianity or other monotheistic religions. Many are drawn to paganism, or neopaganism particularly, because of its “this-worldly” orientation and the impulse to find the divine in the “here-and-now”. Neopaganism is often described as a religion of immanence, in contrast to religions of transcendence. This is manifest by the concept of a pantheistic Goddess, the seasonal Wheel of the Year, and a pro-body ethic.

But, a person drawn to paganism by its down-to-earth orientation may be disturbed by other aspects of paganism, such as the belief in instrumental magic, New Age sentiments like crystals, or the literal belief in gods as sentient beings. These pagans may find a home among humanistic pagans.

Atheists may come to humanistic paganism looking for a spiritual practice to help them celebrate the natural world or experience a deeper connection to the universe without abandoning their rational faculties.