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Horoscopic Astrology Blog

Horoscopic astrology is a very specific and advanced type of astrology that developed in Egypt around the 1st century BCE, subsequently flourishing in other parts of the world over the last 2,000 years.

More specifically, horoscopic astrology is any form of astrology that utilizes the ascendant, as well as things derived from the ascendant such as “houses” and “lots.” This designation applies to a number of different forms of astrology, including the Hellenistic, Indian, Medieval, and Modern traditions of astrology, all of which are discussed on the blog.

The general goal of the blog is to post news and information for people who are either interested in astrology, or are just learning about the subject. Articles are broken up into different categories, with some focusing on practical techniques and concepts, and others focusing on astrology related news, book reviews, events happening in the astrological community, and articles on the history and philosophy of astrology.