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Hermetic Hour

The Hermetic Hour Online Radio: Tune in, turn on, and get magick with Poke Runyon, Archimage of the Ordo Templi Astartes. The O.T.A. is the oldest continually operating magical lodge in the US.

Episodes include: Zoroaster's Telescope and Urania's Mirror, 1950s Prophetic Sci-Fi Novels: The Marching Morons and The Weapon Shops of Isher, Frank Herbert's Dune—Hermetic and Political Allegory, Helena Blavatsky—The East Comes West (re-broadcast), Manly P. Hall—The Master and The Mystery (re-broadcast), Atlas Shrugged from a Hermetic Perspective, Israel Regardie—Thelemite or Rosicrucian? (re-broadcast), The Green Pulse Oracle by Jo Carson of Feraferia, Babylon's Banksters—The Alchemy of High Finance, and many more.