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Divine Mysteries

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Hermetic Alchemy Forum

The Hermetic Alchemy Forum was created for Rubaphilos Salfluӗre to offer his views on Hermetic alchemy in an ongoing series of essays and for the open discussion of the ideas presented in those essays.

Ideas stemming from western Hermetic alchemy, both the lab tradition and the inner (spiritual) tradition may be discussed on the Hermetic Alchemy Forum. Topics include: Western alchemy, lab alchemy, spiritual alchemy, Hermetic, western mystery tradition, spagyrics, alchemical literature, alchemical artwork, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Hermetic qabala.

Rubaphilos Salfluӗre has been studying Hermetic alchemy for over twenty years and writes extensive essays on his research. He is also involved in an advanced alchemical study cooperative named the Heredom Group.