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Hadean Press

Hadean Press is seated in the UK and was founded in 2008. The company produces books, pamphlets and journals in limited, hand-bound and standard editions. Dozens of esoteric titles are offered for sale on the site.

The hand-bound edition books are done so by Erzebet, an artist internationally recognized for her work in the bookbinding craft. The cover designs for the books published by Hadean are designed by the same artist, and as she authors the site along with her creative partner and husband, her writing appears on the humorous blog. The publisher decided to continue printing British Journal of Thelema, a journal of eleven volumes written by British Thelemites as an exploration of the English Qaballa as a system. The first eight volumes were published by another company but ceased in 1994, before completing the series. The English Qaballa has three components, a language, a holy text and the mathematical laws that govern the first two factors.