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Dreamflesh is a blog by Gyrus, where he expresses his interest in mind/body, spirit/matter dualism. He writes about subjects such as altered states, archaic consciousness, prehistoric art and shamanism.

Gyrus studied film and drama at the University of Reading. He been researching, writing and publishing work related to archaic consciousness, altered states, occult practices and alternative thought since the early 1990s. His writings have appeared in HEAD, The Ley Hunter, Dream Creation, Chaos International, Northern Earth, Fortean Times and Strange Attractor Journal.

He has been involved in a host of publishing and broadcasting projects, including editing and publishing the acclaimed journals Towards 2012 and Dreamflesh. His first collection of essays, looking at rock art, shamanism, altered states and prehistory, is Archaeologies of Consciousness. His first book, a slim study of debates around primitive war, primatology and ecology is War & the Noble Savage.