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Grey Necromancer’s Journal

The Grey Necromancer is a Canadian blogger and student of anthropology, religion and philosophy. He is also an Irish polytheist and researcher of folklore, mythology, legends and the occult.

The Grey Necromancer's Journal consists of a section on Important Rules for Necromancy, such as:

1. Do not trespass in private cemeteries.
2. Do not desecrate graves.
3. Use incense in areas with good ventilation.
4. Treat the dead with respect and do not insult them.
5. Payment works better than threats. Forget ceremonial traditions.
6. Ward your place of residence against malevolent or angry spirits.
7. Do not practice around children or in the presence of pregnant individuals.

The blog section categories include: ancestors, deities of death, deity work, graveyard work, spirit work, spirits of death and tools of the trade.