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Green Man

The Green Man is a store and community center in Southern California offering a variety of metaphysical and magical supplies. A small selection of their products is available for order online.

The Green Man is a place where people can touch, smell, and experience the things they seek for their spiritual journey. They can ring every bell and see which tone make their hearts sing. They can hold a crystal ball and see if the fissures and reflections tell a story.

The Green Man's apothecary stocks more than 500 unique herbs, roots, oils, and curios. They also carry a selection of art, books, candles, cloaks, cauldrons, crystals and minerals, divination tools, jewelry, and statuary.

Private consultations by appointment are available. They have a large upstairs area with private offices for psychic readings, metaphysical healing, and spiritual advisement from over 30 unique practitioners.