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Elen Sentier


Elen offers an experiential apprenticeship and advanced course in British Native Shamanism. The apprenticeship begins at the end of October each year and applications should be in by the end of August. The lessons go out online and include much work with the land, experiencing and learning from that experience, and the apprenticeship ends with a 5-day workshop in the wilds of Exmoor where the group goes out into moorland and woods to Bronze Age barrows and stone circles; sees red deer, foxes, ravens, hawks and falcons, and walks and sings ancient paths and streams and rivers too. Some part of one night is spent in, the top of one of the Bronze Age barrows, dreaming. Those who complete the apprenticeship have the choice to go on to the 3-year advanced course. She also writes books on British Native Shamanism, and magic/mystery/romance novels that are based in the old ways.