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Druid Network

The Druid Network aims to facilitate Druidry as a religion by connecting individuals and groups together, coordinating efforts and initiatives, and actively interfacing with public bodies and the media.

The Druid Network aims to act as a framework, upon which individual members help make tangible the spirit-web that is the global community of the Druid tradition. The Network is not a Druid Order: it makes no attempt at defining or teaching one interpretation of Druidry, ancient or modern. Instead it aims to offer a rich blend of information and inspiration to all, expressing a philosophy that is a celebration of life, a reaching to understand the power of nature with respect and sensitivity.

Druidry is not only a philosophy though; for an increasing number of people it is a deeply held religious practice, honoring the sanctity of nature and providing an ethical framework based on the understanding of sustainable, honorable relationship. The Network therefore also aims to provide conscious support of individuality, community, local diversity and environmental sustainability, promoting awareness of the divine within nature.