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Dragon Rouge

Dragon Rouge is an esoteric society interested in philosophy, psychology, religion, science and culture. As esotericists they aim to achieve individuation, autonomy and creativity.

Their philosophical and metaphysical goal of 'self deification' implies that they strive to realize the most remote qualitative principles of existence.

They also call themselves a magical order and they are interested in the form of esotericism that traditionally is called magic. In Dragon Rouge they commonly use the word "magic" as meaning ''the art of the will". To work with magic entails exploring and familiarizing oneself with one’s true will, and applying it to become a creator of one's own life.

Self development and independence are important qualities to strive for, but as an order they also emphasize the ability to cooperate. Other qualities that Dragon Rouge encourages are:

– Knowledge, critical thinking and academic education.
– The ability to concretize visions and ideas.