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Down the Forest Path

Down the Forest Path is a Druidry blog by author, poet and singer Joanna van der Hoeven. She writes about Druidry and paganism on her site and has written many books on the topic. She serves her community through her work as a solitary Druid.

Van der Hoeven’s poetic observations mirror what she observes in the beauty of the UK’s nature, land and its history, all serving as sources of inspiration for her writing. She is the founder and a teacher for a three-year program where one may learn to become a Druid, and she also hosts workshops and is available to give lectures and perform hand-fasting ceremonies in the area. In addition to online Druidry courses, Van der Hoeven maintains a video blog documenting her belly-dancing rituals, and copies of her books are available for sale on the site. As a solitary Druid, she teaches others through her writing to follow a similar path separate from a coven or other type of organization.

Writing mostly about modern paganism and the Druid tradition she has written many books, including the bestseller The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid.