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Crucible Club

The Crucible Club, inspired by the early 1900’s group of the same name, was formed for the private study of the mysteries, inviting all serious applicants who seek to discover the magick of their lives and reveal their true selves.

The Crucible Club is for personal tuition in the Western esoteric initiatory system as revealed by Marcus Katz, author, teacher and scholar-magician. His work in process, The Magister, is a definitive 11-volume work on initiatory and practical Western esotericism as a valid and relevant spiritual path.

The club teaches from the original papers of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, alchemy, kabbalah, tarot and Western ritual magick, covering experiences as diverse as astral travel, divination, inner guide meditation work, the Tree of Life, lucid dreaming, mystical experience and spiritual development.