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Council of Enlightened

The Council of Enlightened is concerned with the understanding and exploration of the soul and of its journey through space and time, including the many different realities it comes into contact with.

The Council does not, nor do any of its members, proclaim or assert to be fully enlightened. However, it does assert that each soul currently incarnated onto this sphere has the potential to become enlightened as to the surroundings in which it currently finds itself (both physical and spiritual) as well as to the path which lays both immediately before and after the experiences to be had within this lifetime.

There a shift of conscience underway. One of the aims of the Council, via its internal workings, is to try and understand what this shift means, how it is progressing and when such a shift shall reach its critical mass of collective awareness. To this end, the Council has been noting the underlying collective development of those whom are currently incarnate on this sphere, for the purpose of experience, with the aim of advancing along the divine path towards that which they feel and sense.