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Christo-Paganism is a blended—syncretistic—spiritual tradition. It merges modern NeoPaganism with Christianity. Christianity itself, especially its Roman and Eastern Orthodox varieties are syncretistic.

There are other faiths in existence today that are also highly syncretistic such as Mahayana Buddhism, Sikhism, Mandaeism, Druze, and Yazidi to name a few ancient syncretistic faiths. Spirituality and religion in the ancient was a great mixing pot of religious experience and constantly in flux.

Christo-Paganism as a spiritual path is a blending of spiritual traditions in a long history of religious syncretism.

It can be challenging to define Christo-Paganism. It can be challenging to describe the nuances of the different forms of Christianity with such diversity as Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox on one end of the spectrum and Quakers on the other. Likewise, paganism is similar in that there are many varieties of ranging from eclectic Wicca on one end of the spectrum to strict reconstructionists on the other.