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Divine Mysteries

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Caitlín & John Matthews


Hallow Quest is home to authors Caitlín and John Matthews. Their work includes books about mythology, magic, tarot, shamanism and a host of other topics. Workshops are held to explore the various Western Mysteries.

Caitlín and John Matthews are both experts in their fields that involve the mythical history of Britain, Ireland. John has written over 90 books on the Arthurian legend. Caitlín is a leading world authority on Celtic wisdom, the Western Mysteries. Workshop events are led by the couple with guest speakers throughout the UK and around the world. Efforts include rituals to honor one’s ancestors, integrating shamanic ways into everyday life and to aiding participants on their spiritual paths. The site also links users to The Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies, a group initiated by the couple to re-enchant the soul through the practice of the sacred arts.