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British Druid Order

The British Druid Order is concerned with rekindling the sacred fires of Druidry as a living, breathing, animistic, shamanistic, life-affirming, Earth-honoring spirituality for the 21st century.

Modern Druidry still honors this threefold division: Bards are storytellers, poets, musicians, historians, artists and performers. Ovates are prophets, diviners and philosophers, studying natural cycles. They also study healing and herblore. Druids are ritualists, teachers, counsellors and walkers between worlds.

The quest for Awen, the Holy Spirit of Druidry, is a quest for the spirit of Druidry itself, and, as such, it brings together many paths. One may pursue the quest as historian, linguist, poet, philosopher, priest, magician, shaman, and in many other guises. Each, in its own way, helps people to gain understanding and, as they walk the Druid path, one of the things they discover is that in understanding lies strength.