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Barbara Moore

Barbara Moore is a tarot shaman. She provides clients with unique tarot experiences designed to explore their inner wisdom and strengthen their connection with the divine.

A shaman is someone who, among other things, travels to worlds in non-ordinary reality to search for wisdom and guidance. Shamans work with helping spirits and teachers, seeking to bring healing to the people they serve. While Barbara is not a traditional shaman, the work she does with tarot is similar and incorporates shamanistic practices.

Tarot provides just enough structure so that people don't get lost as they explore the mysteries, plumb dark corners, and find paths in the dark woods.

Barbara has published a number of books on tarot, including Tarot for Beginners, Tarot Spreads, The Steampunk Tarot, The Gilded Tarot, The Mystic Dreamer, and Tarot of the Hidden Realm.