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Banshee Arts

Morpheus Ravenna is a tattoo artist, Morrigan priestess, spiritworker, and writer professionally trained by Idexa Stern of Black & Blue tattoo, a legend in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the creator of Banshee Arts.

She specializes in tattoo design inspired by ancient art and civilizations, and has a passion for ritual and magical tattoos, mythological sources, and Celtic, Norse, Hellenic, and other historical traditions. She recognizes tattooing as an initiatory art and in both design and tattooing she strives to serve as a channel to bring her clients’ visions to life as indelible, living art in the skin.

In addition to her tattooing work, she is an experienced artist and spiritual worker. She blends art and ritual through the creation of sigils, bindrunes, and talismans as well as the living art of tattoo.

Brennos Agrocunos is a Banshee Arts collaborator, spirit worker, runeworker, woodworker and avid painter. He creates handcrafted rune sets, runic talismans, and other magical crafts.