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Azoth Art

Azoth Art makes tools and crafts for magical work, including garments and vestments, temple adornments, accessories and tools specific to the Golden Dawn. Each piece is handmade by the founder.

Azoth Art does not import from places that neither know nor care about the personal aspirations of a magical worker—every item is made from beginning to end with the utmost respect for people's spiritual journeys.

There is no such thing as inventory. Everything is made to order. Azoth Art's founder's personal philosophy is that the initiating current for any item has to come from the person it is being made for. It has to be initiated and formulated by that individual so that Azoth Art can become simply a tool in the process of its coming into manifestation. It is an example of the beauty of a person's own highest aspirations reflected back to them. Each item made for someone is completely theirs.