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Avalonia’s books span many realms from arcane to ethereal. The company is based in Glastonbury, England, and specializes in the history of magic(k), religion, folk magic(k), ancient gods and goddesses and other topics pertaining to the occult.

Among the shadows and hidden niches explored by many points of view, a reader will find light cast on the mysteries of the Qabalah, through the phasal moon goddesses, Druidism and Magism, and a myriad of other esoteric themes. Many noteworthy authors have published works with Avalonia, and aspiring and established writers alike may submit their work for review and possible publication. One important aim of this publisher is to limit wear on the environment. Many works are available digitally, eliminating physical production and environmental footprint altogether. Printers have been contracted in the USA and in the UK, reducing resources spent on transport. The printers and paper used are certified by a handful of sustainability groups and are re-reviewed often to maintain certification.