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Astro Computing Services

Founded by Neil F. Michelsen in 1973, Astro Computing Services (ACS) has since been serving astrologers worldwide at all levels: beginner, intermediate, professional. Rique Pottenger now runs ACS.

Neil Michelsen had a vision when he began Astro Communications Services in 1973—to provide astrological resources to the world. Thanks to Neil, a true pioneer in the field of computerized astrology, another programmer, Rique Pottenger, and the many ACS authors, ACS now offers a complete line of astrological books, charts, reports and software to meet the needs of people at all levels of expertise—from the student to the professional or teacher.

ACS is proud to continue its founder's vision into the 21st Century, and is committed to providing the highest level of quality in ACS products and services for many years to come.