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Divine Mysteries

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Ancient Egypt: the Mythology

Ancient Egypt: the Mythology is dedicated to providing the most detailed and accurate information about the gods, goddesses and religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptian people.

Categories include: the gods, the myths, the symbols, the land, and a resources section with links to other interesting information about ancient Egypt.

The mythology section covers such myths as: The Story of Re, Isis and Osiris, The Seven Year Famine, The Princess of Bekhten, The Prince and the Sphinx, The Doomed Prince, The Peasant and the Workman, The Golden Lotus, The Girl with the Rose-Red Slippers, The Greek Princess, The Shipwrecked Sailor, Isis and the Seven Scorpions, Se-Osiris and the Sealed Letter, The Land of the Dead, The Adventures of Sinuhe, The Treasure Thief, and Bulfinch's Mythology: Egyptian Deities.