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Ancestral Medicine

The ancestors can offer potent support for understanding and fulfilling life purpose. Tending the health of ancestral lines also helps clear the way for one’s eventual transition to the next reality.

Ancestor work is relevant for those who wish to serve as holistic healers or spiritual guides as both ancestors and the dead who are not yet well have a strong impact on personal and spiritual wellness. When we assist the spirits of deceased who are still in need, this helps them and also helps the living to transform intergenerational burdens into ancestral blessings.

Those who do the work can get free from painful old stories and patterns that no longer serve and find more peace and rootedness in their bodies, their families, and their cultures of origin. Ancestral repair work also encourages peace-making, when possible, with living family and can benefit relatives impacted by the dead who are not at peace. The loving ancestors can also help shoulder some of the burden for those in a position of caring for living family members.