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American Asatru Association

The American Asatru Association operates in North America, and actively works to incorporate Heathenistic values into modern, American life. The group aims to create an inclusive environment where focuses lie on the lore of pre-Christian Europe.

The American Asatru Association is a non-profit organization whose stated purpose is to teach to anyone interested about Heathenry, lore and ancient culture of Northern Europe. Inclusiveness is of prime importance to this group; the AAA has repeatedly and publicly denounced all forms of exclusion and membership is closed to any individual belonging to a group that does not model these values. The AAA wishes rather to teach the lore of this ancestral group and make it livable in modern Western life. In this spirit, AAA maintains a Twitter account and an active Facebook page where leadership interaction is very accessible. The group holds quarterly meetings over the internet, as membership is scattered across North America and around the world.