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Alex Sumner

Alex Sumner is a blogger and writer who published non-fiction articles in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. His focus is on the Hermetic qabalah, astrology, tarot, alchemy, the Golden Dawn, and magick.

In 2009, Alex came out with his first novel, The Magus. He followed this in 2010 with a sequel, Opus Secunda. The third instalment of the “Magus Trilogy,” Licence to Depart, was published in May 2011.

In late 2011, Alex began writing a new series, “The Demon Detective, and other stories.” Again set in contemporary London, this features a brand new lead character, Guy Shepardson, the eponymous “Demon Detective.” As part of this series Alex has so far written two short stories, a novella, and a new novel (“This Is Not A Fairy Story,” published August 2012).

Alex is a practicing ceremonial magician, and is a member of several reasonably secret magical, mystical and fraternal organizations. As such he is able to use his background to provide a unique, insider’s view of the occult in modern day society.