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Divine Mysteries

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Adept Initiates

The ouroboros of occult philosophy and self-initiation. The Adept Initiates study Hermetics, esotericism, gnosis, symbolism, archaeology, ancient mysteries, sacred science, and metaphysics.

The Adept Initiates are a tribe of caretakers of ancient occult knowledge who explore ancient mysteries and symbolism on the self-initiatory path.

Their website offers blogs and podcasts on the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, alchemy, the Great Arcanum, ancient sacred sites, astral projection, astrotheology, Atlantis, chakras, clairvoyance, consciousness, divine mother, eastern philosophy, Egyptology, enneagram, gnosis, khemetology, hermeticism, kundalini, lucid dreaming, the magi, meditation and more...

They will also be offering courses on Egyptian hieroglyphics, symbolist school and meditation.