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05: Alchemy 101: Intro to High Alchemical Arts, Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Alchemy 101 Lecture
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Part 4 of the Alchemy 101 lecture covers entheogens, quintessences, and understanding alchemical allegory on inner and outer levels of practical, real work.

This lecture is for those interested in learning about real practical alchemy and its application as a spiritual path. As an ancient divine science, it is not something in which many people have received proper or effective detailed instruction.

Learning alchemy, as an ancient initiatory art, works as a kind of lock and key, which opens the doors to confecting true quintessences for use in spiritual growth as well as elucidating many aspects of deeper and more effective magical practices than many of those currently taught in popular circles today.

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This Primum Ens process of plant alchemy, a vital part of Prima training, is a simple yet powerful method used for quickly and reliably obtaining truly alchemical quintessences from the plant kingdom. True quintessences offer a range of benefits towards the goal of spiritual illumination through the Western Mysteries.

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As the first lecture/workshop in this series, Alchemy 101 lays solid groundwork to approach the subject, gives a path of practical understanding, and enables deeper levels of knowledge in the realms of alchemy and magic.

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15. Entheogens vs. Prima Entia

  • Entheogens are plants that have special faculties of opening consciousness in different ways.
  • Plant spirits can be encountered through the use of entheogens, but the experience is often based upon how the plant is being used.
  • If one is just using the plant as an alternative to drugs and to trip, the spirits are usually not friendly.
  • Proper approach using entheogens can have profound effects, but they are generally short-lived.
  • Ingesting Ens and integrating the mother spirit into consciousness is a more gradual, but also more permanent process.
  • Powers of the Ens do not necessarily correlate with the known effects of the plant as used in herbalism.
  • Entia rule their species but also hold powers related to specific aspects of natural laws, therefore, they all do different things.
  • Little is known about most of them. They need to be explored.

16. Quintessences: Rewards on the Path to the Stone

  • Entia - Rejuvenatives and more...
  • Potables - Potable silver, potable gold, once philosophical mercury is obtained. (researching possibility in plant work)
  • Philosopher's Stone - confects the Elixir of Life

17. Possible Alternative Paths to Prima Entia work

  • Obtaining philosophical acetone from advanced plant work MAY work as an alternative to spirit of wine in traditional Ens process.
  • If so, that creates an alternative process for those who have issues working with spirit of wine (ethanol from wine/brandy).

18. Understanding Allegory - Its Purpose and Misdirection

  • Allegory - Truths wrapped in clever lies. It's never what it looks like.
  • If it's true on one level, it must be true on all levels; however, the knowledge of how it's applied on each level is usually very different and definitely not obvious.
  • Example - Conjunction of Sun and Moon as principal alchemical allegory. Depicted as male and female, but relates to conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Enactment of allegory in ritual and ceremony within religion was meant as a vehicle for preserving the allegory, but the enactment of the allegory is not the process itself.
  • In magical practice, it is used symbolically in ritual to affect the psyche (entire complex) which can work to an extent if done properly, but usually is not effective.
  • The most common application of this allegory is in an attempt to use physical sex as a magical process.
  • Polarity shift can happen with this use, though very rare, but usually not when it is contrived purposefully from the physical level. Crowley is case in point.

19. Allegory Into Practical Lab Work

  • Sun/Moon naming conventions
  • Red fume/white fume
  • Red wine/white wine
  • Red mercury/white mercury
  • Sulphur/mercury
  • Seldom used in the same way by adepts in their writings, but once you have experience with the process you begin to understand what they are saying, though they never say everything.

20. Stones in the Work

  • White Stone - cures diseases of the mind, lunar related things. Transmutes base metals into white noble metals: silver, platinum, uranium.
  • Red Stone - cures all illness, solar related things. Transmutes base metals into gold.
  • Transmutation was not the goal of the true adepts, but simply the test for whether or not they had attained the Universal Medicine. No transmutation = Not the Stone!

21. Mainstream Teaching vs. Adept Training

  • No busy work - lots of work, but doing only, that leads to understanding.
  • Adept viewpoint - Practical is what works because it is what is real.
  • Understanding WHY is key to spiritual evolution, not just acceptance. If you don't understand WHY, then you don't fully understand.