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Alchemy 101 Podcast Lecture

02: Alchemy 101: Intro to High Alchemical Arts, Part 1

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Part 1 of the Alchemy 101 lecture covers introductory information about definitions, concepts, and practical applications of ancient alchemical understanding.

This lecture is for those interested in learning about real practical alchemy and its application as a spiritual path. As an ancient divine science, it is not something in which many people have received proper or effective detailed instruction.

Real alchemy, as an ancient illuminatory art, works as a kind of lock and key, which opens the doors to confecting true quintessences for use in spiritual growth as well as elucidating many aspects of deeper and more effective magical practices than many of those currently taught in popular circles today.

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This Primum Ens process of plant alchemy, a vital part of Prima training, is a simple yet powerful method used for quickly and reliably obtaining truly alchemical quintessences from the plant kingdom. True quintessences offer a range of benefits towards the goal of spiritual illumination through the Western Mysteries.

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As the first lecture/workshop in this series, Alchemy 101 lays solid groundwork to approach the subject, gives a path of practical understanding, and enables deeper levels of knowledge in the realms of alchemy and magic.

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Emerald Tablet of Hermes

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0. Opening Remarks

1. Information Is Presented from the Viewpoint of Hermetic Philosophy.

  • Not out to convince anyone of anything.
  • Only objective is to present clear information from a classic alchemical point of view, and the high magical arts from the same point of view (hermetic).
  • I will always make clear distinctions between what adepts have stated, what I've been taught, what I've experienced, and what may just be opinion or speculation based on educated hypotheses.
  • For purposes of clear communication, I will define terms as I am using them, and as they are used in initiatory alchemy teaching. This will enable understanding of the meaning I am giving, without making any one else's definitions an issue.

2. Conceptions About Alchemy

  • An incredibly overused word with very little actual proper understanding of its real meaning.
  • Lab alchemists saying it is lab only. Many magical traditions saying it is psychological only.
  • Both sides are missing the balance of the other. It is a lock and key mechanism.
  • Integrated view is holistic, but most who are trying do not possess the right keys.
  • Power is in the overlap, the in between, innerwork = deeper magic.
  • That anything "transformational" is alchemy: Alchemy is transformation, but transformation is not necessarily alchemy (by definition).

3. Definition of Alchemy (from Classical POV)

  • Separation of the 4 elements or 3 principals, purification, and recombining to then create One Thing.
  • Emerald Tablet

4. Approaching the Study of Practical Alchemy

  • Plant alchemy is the traditional "Prima" work in classical alchemy training; however, very little is actually published on the specific subject by adepts.
  • Modern texts on the subject, with few exceptions, are just rehashed versions of what was taught by Frater Albertus.

5. Understanding Alchemy's Place within Hermetic Sciences

  • 2 main branches of Hermetic philosophy are Alchemy and Magic.
  • Alchemy is the mother science, because it reveals the mechanics of what makes magic function, regardless of tradition.