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Intro Transcendence Works Podcast

01: Introduction to Transcendence Works! Podcast

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A brief introduction to the Transcendence Works! Podcast and its primary focus on truly initiatory practices within the Western Mystery Tradition.

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Welcome everyone, to the Transcendence Works premier podcast. Transcendence Works is dedicated to Illumination Through the Divine Mysteries of the Western Mystery Tradition. As an instructor in the Mysteries and a practicing laboratory alchemist, there are four main areas of the Mysteries that I focus upon: Ascension, Practical Alchemy, Deep Magic, and Seership.

My website,, and by extension, this podcast, began and continue to exist primarily as a tool to have one operating center that keeps my teaching, thoughts, and work focused and distilled. It is an exercise in clarity and continual refinement, growth, and the sharing of Knowledge and Understanding that I currently possess and continually strive to surpass.

Over 25 years of intense study, practice, teaching, and searching for what REALLY WORKS, there are truly Western practices that I have found to be the most effective, deeply powerful, and permanently transfigurative. Not only are they REAL, but their effects are more immediate than most contemporary modalities because they work from much deeper levels, not from surface levels or the lower conscious mind.

I call these streams of instruction Empowerments, because that is both what they are and the result of what they do for those who practice them: Empowerments expand spiritual consciousness through Initiatory processes which accelerate personal evolution.

Each of the four streams of Empowerments that I practice and teach is its own line of Work (and they are work). Each can and will move one through successive stages of illumination at differing rates. I have found that together though, if one is able to handle more work, they compound to accelerate one's direct experience into extraordinary, transcendent results.

Transcendence is experience of higher states of existence through the expansion of individual consciousness to perceive that which is normally beyond consensus reality. Once we learn to navigate based upon the interior stars, and we have proper instruction, we can then productively proceed on the truly spiritual quest for Understanding and illumination.

Too often though, people tend to think of transcendence as rising above and leaving physicality behind because they see their mundane existence as something from which to escape. This kind of paradigm highlights the basic lack of Understanding as to why we have the gift of physicality and its utmost importance within the alchemical process that is required to evolve into that which we have the embryonic capacity to become. Approaching the Mysteries as a form of escapism will block one from truly passing the entrance into them.

In order to successfully navigate through the Mysteries, it is necessary to have an accurate context in which to place experiences so they lead progressively to holism and illumination rather than false epiphanies, inflated egotism, and an increasingly fractured consciousness.

This kind of context is the capstone that many are missing—the Key which allows the tumble locks to open the Way. It is also nearly impossible to come by this point of view without some kind of advanced teaching that connects the dots, fills the gaps, and allows the individual pixels of direct experience to make a coherent picture.

I share what I have learned to the extent that I am able, so that for those Seeking to walk the worlds through the study and practice of the Mysteries, their journeys may be slightly less circuitous than mine.

All are in the hands of the Higher Genius, but we each have our part to play as we come into alignment with our purpose. This is me, doing my humble best to do what is given me to do.

May our paths cross on our journeys...